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Address No11/53/18/83 Phu Xa Street, Dong Hai 01 Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City, VN



We offer a whole range ship chandler service, deliverling all kind of products to the vessels, Provisions, Deck, Engine and Bonded store.

Our strong points are: high quality products, competitive prices, attractive system of discounts, punctuality, reliability and personal treatment

We love our work !



Provision store

Cabin store supplies

Bonded store

Ship agency

technical supply

Fresh water supply

Ship supply 

Ship Provision store & Bonded store

Offers the best of fresh and frozen provisions. We source our products from all over the world. Our awareness of all standards, strict hygiene rules at all level throughout the supply chain will be implemented at every step. The frozen products are loaded from our conveniently located warehouse' cold rooms and delivered directly to the vessels with our frigorific trucks, without breaking the cold chain, at the ports and anchorage areas.

technical supply

cabin, deck and engine consumables and spare parts, suitable to the budget of all operators, managers and owners:

*Cabin Stores – Linens, Cleaning materials and products, Laundry products, Beddings

*Medical Equipment Supplies and medicines

*Bridge, Navigational Equipment and Stationeries

*Galley Stores – Cleaning materials and Products, Utensils & Cutleries, Gastronomy Bar & buffet wares

*Deck Stores – Lashing equipment, wires ropes & hawsers, Anchor, Chains, piping & fitting materials

* Marine Paints & Chemicals

*Safety stores & Anti-Piracy items

*Electrical Stores – Lamps, Cables , Spare parts

*Engine Stores – Hoses, Couplings, Bearings, Electrical & Hydraulic Tools, Hand & cutting Tools, Steel & Metals, Lubricants & Cleaners, Packing & Jointing, Welding materials, and crew stores.

* Special Spare parts, Electrical motors, Valves

*Zinc and Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes.

Cabin store supplier

Fresh water supply


6/14/2017 2:13:29 PM

We have professional  Ship agent team the at Hai Phong, Viet Nam. 

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6/14/2017 2:13:29 PM

We have young staff and enthusiasm in the work and can supply in any city or any port of Viet Nam ....

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6/14/2017 2:13:29 PM

We are ship chandler in Hai Phong Viet Nam. we can supply provision for your ship   everywhere in Viet Nam. 

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